Creating Disruptive Solutions

We believe in change that enables businesses

Our Office

We believe that happy
employees make a
productive work-force.

Sharing Vodlo’s core values with our team, we come together to become a high-functioning unit, working towards common goals.
Each individual contributes to the big picture. Team spirit, check!
A space where employees spend a large part of their active day has got to be active!
The Vodlo Workspace includes recreational facilities like pool tables, chessboards, surreal corners for leisure reading, and a very popular coffee-room for much-needed breaks.

More than work

All work and no play?
We ensure the absence
of dull days.

A family that plays together stays together… The work-family deserves nothing less. Team dinners and trips are woven into our way of life. We see these outings as opportunities to develop a better understanding of each individual member and his or her strengths.
Breaking typical image of scary bosses, and unapproachable superiors, Vodlo builds the idea of mutual-respect and team-spirit.

Best Place for Best People

Vodlo’s philosophy, ‘Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History’, is the strength at the foundation of its thriving culture. It is a consistent effort that we make, as a power-team, to stay sharp on work quality, to never forget to enjoy the hours we spend at the office, and to make a positive contribution to the world.

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