Who we are and What we do.

Vodlo is a specialised software development company, headquartered in Sydney, Australia. We have created innovative solutions,which enable the enterprises to change traditional processes involving excess paper work.We help industries like Banking Finance, Insurance, Real Estate, Telecommunication and other similar industries, in experiencing end to end automation.

Excess paper work for a large number of customers can lead to duplication of efforts, time consuming operations, risk of human error and customer fatigue. Vodlo products aim at successfully streamlining these processes with maximum security and high customer satisfaction.

Vodlo was founded in the year 2012, by Founder Aniket Tapre and Co-founders Matthew Adams and Daniel Aiello. Currently we have operations in Australia, Philippines, Singapore, USA and India with a global sales reach.


AirMito helps enterprises in de-cluttering their Processes, reducing documentation frauds due to duplication, and reduce queuing of customers at point of sale.


Identity documents and information collected can be validated and verified by a third party credit provider in real time, using OCR.


Customer details can be easily captured using the digital application form, which can be customised to the needs of a business.


Completed documents are stored in the contract and form repositories. Data can be pulled up for editing and future reference.


CloudMito is a cloud based enterprise solution that brings efficiency and
speed to the contracting process.

Catalogue Manager
It is an intelligent system which stores information.Customers are able to view products on a Digital Catalogue and make right choices.
This feature allows users to acquire insights into customer purchase behaviour, based on factors such as, region, age group,store and so on. Strategic management decisions are facilitated because of this feature.
Mobile Device Management
MDM allows users to manage the application installed on the device. Authorised user can add, delete information and also devices and user groups.

"Committed to Innovation and revealing new magnitudes of what is possible with Mobile and Web Technologies."

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