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Queueing Algorithm
This amazing feature eliminates the task of physically standing in a queue to get a contract processed.

The Digital Application Form is a customisable solution. Users get an array of fields to choose from, to design and edit their forms as per requirement.

Integrated Catalogue functionality
The self updating catalogue solves the problem of keeping track of changes related to Inventory.

OCR (Verification)
Our quick scan solution, ensures that a reliable and accurate verification operation is conducted in a blink of an eye.

Contract Repository
Tracking a contract and its status is possible through this module.
Users get real time information on contracts.

ID Matrix
The ease and freedom of setting and editing different ID Matrices for different products at the back end, ensures that contracts are processed quickly and with higher level of efficiency.

User Data Management
User activities like, logins, time taken to process a contract and so on, can all be converted into meaningful data.

Reports (Statistics, Data Analysis)
All critical information collected is synthesised into insightful reports, which are accessible for real time analysis on the dashboard.

AirMito AirMito


Airmito completes the OCR operation in under 0.40 seconds along with an average accuracy of 98%.

DAF (Digital Application Form)
Critical Information is digitally acquired and stored, which in turn minimises unnecessary paper usage.

DAF Builder/Editor
AirMito gives the freedom of selecting and setting various fields of a form, text, images and signature by a simple drag and drop feature. Additionally, users can make and publish changes to the form anytime.

Contract Repository
The option of basic and advanced search ensures that little time is consumed in searching and validating information related to a contract.

Form Repository
Once a DAF is set and completed, it is stored in the Form Repository. Additionally, preset form templates can also be found here.

ID Matrix
Predetermined ID Matrix, brings smoothness to the documentation process. Set a list of required documents for any process you desire.


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